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March 26, 2016

Remove Duplicate Contacts Events and Reminders v6.9

Remove Duplicate Contacts Events and Reminders

Remove duplicate contacts,events and reminders. Manage your groups and Send group emails / sms directly on iPhone.Basic version is designed to find and remove only 100% identical duplicate contacts, events and tasks. Remove contacts without names. Remove contacts without phone numbers. Remove contacts without email addresses.    Guide    FAQ   Download   Watch Video Guide

Mar 31, 2016

Cleaner - Smart delete and merge duplicate contacts v1.2

Cleaner - Smart delete and merge duplicate contacts from your address book

Backup and restore contacts; Multi delete contacts; Find and merge contacts; Find no name contacts; Find no phone contacts; Find common field, like company, email domain, job tile and phone numbers.     Guide   Download   Watch Video Guide

June 30, 2015

Smart Group: Email, SMS/Text & Contacts v2.9

Smart Group: Email, SMS/Text & Contacts

Smart Group helps you manage groups and smart groups directly from your iPhone. With just a 'Tap', you can send SMS / Email to all your group members at once. There is no need to type! Smart Groups can automatically organize information in your address book. The possibilities are endless with Smart Groups. They can be used on any of the criteria stored and will auto-update whenever a change is made.    Guide   Download

April 7, 2015

Calendar & Reminder Alarm Helper v1.3

Calendar & Reminder Alarm Helper

Alarm Helper will repeat alarms for events and tasks. At the scheduled time, your iPhone or iPad will play this alarm until you take action. With our App Extension, you can dismiss alarm under the Notification Center's Today view. Alarm Helper is an add-on to the built-in Calendar and Reminders app. All activities are synced with your Calendar and Reminders.     Guide   Download