Task management for Blackberry

We love the standard Blackberry Task, but we saw some requirements for a full-featured PIM. Smart To Do is built to fill these needs and is fully integrated with the standard Blackberry Task.

Smart To Do helps you focus on efficient task management and ease of use. It helps you focus on what matters most and allows you to integrate the GTD methodology or your own.



















    Smart To Do
              Task Management V
       Category: Productivity
       Released: Dec 10, 2009
       Version: 1.0







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   Today: A smart Today list automatically collects all you tasks due today or tomorrow. It also collects all overdue items.

    Next: Holiday is coming. Want to know how many tasks due before the holiday? You set the date from Option. Next list will do it for you automatically.

    Scheduled:  It collects tasks which cannot be started until a certain date. Once the date comes, they will be automatically moved to ^Today ̄ or  ̄Next ̄. All the tasks with due date and are not belong to ^Today ̄ or ^Next ̄ will be listed here.

    Someday: Someday list collects all the undated tasks. You can complete these tasks at your convenience.

     Review: Review Folder allows you to review all the tasks due in a certain period of time. It is imported to GTD-users.





   The New Look of tasks

Priorty, Status, Task Name, Categories and Due Date. All the information can be viewed from the list. Front and size are adjustable.









  Filter by Multiple Categories

If you have a phone call that you have to make from the office Cyou can put it under @office and @phone. But searching only one category will result a long list. With multiple categories searching, you can locate a task or a list effectively.







      Projects and Subprojects

You can create and back up unlimited projects and subprojects.


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